E-girl melancholia

E-girl melancholia is a series of aniline paintings, which reflects on the topic of Selfie Dysmorphia and anxiety of the young generation, caused by a strong social media presence. What our face looks like on networks has become more important than reality, and thanks to the non-stop presence of the phone in hand, the young Instagram and Tiktok generation already sees themselves post-real. Selfie Dysmorphia appears at the moment when a person can't relate to their appearance in the mirror anymore, and for example, seeking out plastic surgeons to alter their appearance to look more like their filtered photos. A big role in phenomenon played AR face filters or AI-run photo editing applications, which made such editions extremely accessible. A huge percentage of the whole generation experience permanent anxiety and stress, also caused by the methods of how social media works with our dopamine levels, leaving us all alone by ourselves.